Our Programs

1. Child education programs:

Provide education, nutritional food, shoes, uniforms and scholastic materials to the children

2. Holistic:

We give out clothes, beddings shoes and play equipment to the orphans and vulnerable children

3. Home visiting:

This involves visiting children in their respective homesteads to know their wellbeing, challenges and health condition.

4. Counselling and guidance:

We offer counselling and guidance services to the children or individuals who are undergoing a problem and needs professional help to overcome it.

5. Community sensitization on HIV/AIDS and Health:

The level of HIV/AIDS in this area is still high and we give sensitization to the community about the danger of the disease which is one of the causes of orphans. Sensitization about health and hygiene.

6. Income generation:

Mobilization of community on how to come out of poverty through activities such as beads and crafts, tailoring project, soap making, catering, savings and credit and improved farming methods.

Feel free to contact us incase you want to Donate or Volunteer and we will get back to you.