Blessed Echoes Children Alliance (BECA) is a national Non- Governmental Community Development Organization registered in Uganda in 2016 and works to reach out to vulnerable children, families and communities with various needs as a result of HIV/AIDS epidemic in all our areas of operation. The organization was formed to address five major themes deliberately to focus on:

  1. Children education with emphasis to the girl child,
  2. Child Protection, Governance and Advocacy,
  3. Agriculture, Food Security, Livelihood and Humanitarian relief,
  4. Health and Nutrition,
  5. Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Environment ( WASHE).

The organization needs donations towards the above and also welcomes sponsorship of the children to access education by paying school fees in the respective schools close to their homes, provision of scholastic materials like books and pens, school uniforms, lunch at school as many sometimes go without meals at home plus medical treatment when they fall sick.


BECA started way back in 2014 but came in to reality and full existence in 2016 when the team of four people visited lwabala village in mayuge district. They noticed the various problems faced by the community. Children end up on streets due to numerous reasons, some of which being mistreated by their step parents ,search for jobs juvenile delinquent ,peer pressure and lack of parental guidance. War HIV/AIDS, broken homes, single mothers, unplanned births, insurgency and natural calamities that has caused extreme poverty in Uganda. Due to the passion of helping others, genuine and kindness heart BECCA came into existence with a mission to improve the lives of people in lwabala village.

Against this background that members of BLESSED ECHOES CHILDREN ALLIANCE (BECA) conscious of the socio economic problems which are facing in the community, such as poverty, broken marriages, HIV/AIDS scourge leading to children being deprived of their social, moral, physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological rights, that is when BECA came into existence. Currently, BECA is operating in two villages, namely, Lwabala and Imanyiro respectively.


A society in which the local population is empowered and has access to equitable whole spectrum of quality social services


To work in a holistic manner towards improving the quality of life through interventions that reduces Vulnerability to Illiteracy, Ignorance, Poverty, Disease, Hunger, Environmental degradation and gross Abuse of Human Rights.

Aims and Objectives

In furtherance of the above mentioned vision and mission, the objectives for which the company is established are:

  1. To increase access to services essential to ensuring healthy lives, coping with emergencies and creating resilient livelihoods – with a particular focus on maternal and child mortality, and preventable diseases such as malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS.
  2. To transform unjust and unsustainable economic policies and practices so that poor and vulnerable people in rural households and communities with emphasis to women, children, youths, disabled, orphans and other specialized groups of people to be able to gain thriving livelihoods, and face disasters more effectively while protecting the natural resources on which all our future depends.
  3. To help to reduce structural and gender-based inequality and create a more inclusive world, where identity – gender, ethnicity, caste, religion, class, sexual orientation – is no longer a barrier to equal treatment.
  4. To help protect the vulnerable people (children and women) from violence, identify and challenge its causes, and transform conflict peacefully.
  5. To Promote and provide access to quality non-formal and formal basic education for children and school dropouts within deprived rural communities and by that, contributing to bridging the urban-rural, gaps in basic education in Uganda and also as long-term means to poverty reduction.
  6. To strengthen the capacity of small-scale farmers and households in value added agro-enterprise Technologies for increased income, improved nutrition, food security, availability and strength of seed chain.
  7. To increase access to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation so as to ultimately reduce water related and faecal-based diseases.
  8. To affirm the enduring values of peace, social justice, human dignity and integrity in settings where these values are not always taken for granted.
  9. To promote, encourage and protect the environment and its conservation within Blessed Echoes Children Alliance Limited geographical scope of operation.