Welcome to Blessed Echoes Children Alliance

Community Transformation and Empowerment

Blessed Echoes Children Alliance (BECA) is a national Non- Governmental Community Development Organization registered in Uganda in 2016 and works to reach out to vulnerable children, families and communities with various needs as a result of HIV/AIDS epidemic in all our areas of operation.(Learn more…)

Our Vision

A society in which the local population is empowered and has access to equitable whole spectrum of quality social services

Our Mission

To work in a holistic manner towards improving the quality of life through interventions that reduces Vulnerability to Illiteracy, Ignorance, Poverty, Disease, Hunger, Environmental degradation and gross Abuse of Human Rights.

New partner_TGB Charity

Blessed Echoes Children Alliance has formed a new partnership with TGB Charity to benefiti the vulnerable children to free them from hunger. We are so grateful for this opportunity.

TGB Charity was founded in 2018 in order to raise public awareness of vulnerable population. TGB Charity has been supporting varieties of organisation through charitable donations and making contributions to the world.